Two Essential Elements of Email Marketing

Marketing today has become a furious beast and with so many different kinds of marketing platform available, it becomes difficult for a marketing strategist to decide which marketing strategy are worth the effort and which aren’t. If you have a road map and a goal in mind, the dream of reaching out to the customers will become true. Email marketing is the cheapest and the most reliable source of marketing available to the marketers. Here are a few essential elements, which decides the future of the campaign and the product in the picture.

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1. Mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness is all about optimizing the emails such that scanning and reading on the mobile becomes easier. It basically means creating content, which is simple for the customer to understand easily even on the mobile. You will be shocked to know that according to a survey more than 50% people never recommend or consider reading emails from a business, which does not have a mobile friendly website. The simple reason being that today a majority of the emails is read on the mobile device. Therefore, if you are missing on the mobile friendliness in email marketing, you are probably not setting your foot in the right direction. Moreover, today mobile phones of all screen sizes are available in the market, you need to ensure that the website or the email you trigger to the customer are readable on the screens. It would be frustrating for the customer to read an email on the mobile device, if he/she is able to read only one word at a time. Irrespective of the quality of content, the email will be filtered as spam by the customer.

2. Call to action

Call to action buttons are a wonderful element in email marketing because tapping the button on a mobile device is easy as it just requires a tap. According to a survey, conversion rates are boosted by more than 300% if a single word is used after the word ‘submit’. A clear call to action, whether in the form of an image, button or link will help you connect with the intended target audience more effectively.