Top 4 Reasons for Email Marketing Failure

To reap fruitful results from email marketing, it is extremely essential that the marketing is carried out in the right way. If the person or company drifts away from the path, then the whole campaign can fail leading to losses in the business. Here are a few mistakes, which often causes the marketing campaign to fail.

1) A weak subject line

According to a survey, more than 70% of the emails are marked spam by the users, if the subject line does not interest them. A personal and relevant subject line is what will make the user open your email. If the face of your company is the name of the company, ensure to include that in the email marketing campaign.

2) Sender is unknown

A majority of the companies commits this mistake and later blame emails for getting them the required number of leads. Sending email newsletter from unwanted addresses such as will surely be marked spam. Customers usually prefer opening the emails that are sent from the email address of a person. This is an important part in email marketing because it tells the customer that your company is spending sufficient time in building relations with you.

 3) Delivering at the wrong time

Your campaign and newsletter may be excellent, but it is of no use unless it is delivered at the right time. A majority of email marketing campaign fails because of wrong timing. Sending the newsletter on a weekend can easily spoil the email marketing campaign. Sending emails during early office hours is often recommended by experts. However, this trend keeps on changing. Therefore, ensure that the trend that is being followed by email users before taking the final call.

 4) Format is outdated

Sending emails in a format that is meant for desktop users is a waste because a high percentage of emails today are opened in mobile phones. Therefore, an email marketer should change the format and strategy as the technology changes. Keeping the email simple, crisp and formatting it in a way such that the readers can have a glance is the best way to increase user engagement.