Top 3 Tips for Effective Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign centred towards your customers will play an important role in building a lasting and loyal relationship. Getting the basic strategy correct is the key and it basically involves sending the right content to the right audience. If the content fails to resonate with the readers, your messages will never make a cut in the inbox. You need to focus on creating campaigns that are driven towards the requirement of the readers. Here are a few tips for an effective and successful email marketing campaign.

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First impression counts

It is believed that it takes less than 8 seconds to create an impression. The ‘from’ name and subject line are the first thing that someone will have with your email. You have less than 8 seconds to entice the readers. It’s best to have a subject line that attracts the attention of the readers and remember to keep the ‘from’ address consistent during the campaign. Your subject line is the most essential part of your campaign because based on this the reader decides whether to read the email or dump it. Focus on creating a lasting first impression to reach the target audience.

Creativity is essential

Getting the email opened is only winning half the battle. You need to engage the readers and make them click the CTAs in your emails. And, for that you need to unleash your creativity and share interesting pictures and infographics to the customer. No one will read the messages that are full of text. You need to add animated GIFs, photos and videos to keep the reader glued to your email marketing campaign.

Focus on user experience

55% of customers today use mobile phones to read messages. If you’re still not sending mobile friendly messages, you are possibly missing out on a large chunk of customers. Furthermore, it’s essential that you know the device profile of the readers so that you can optimize the messages.

The success of your marketing campaign depends upon your efforts. Therefore, remember to follow these three tips to engage the readers.