Top 3 Profitable Email Marketing Strategies

When we talk about email marketing strategies, the only point everyone makes is ways to increase the click rate and the open rate. Undoubtedly, these metrics are important and decide on the future of an email marketing campaign, but with changing times the technology and the need changes.

Some email marketing strategies are mentioned below.

1. Total browsed metrics

The total browsed revolve around the post-click behavior of the people. Through this metric, you can easily determine the products that the customer browsed whether they were low priced or high discount products or preference was given to the brand name over the price tag. It will help you understand what products in your offering are rudimentary and you can focus more on other valued products. The total browsed metric will lend a helping hand to shift the marketing resources and efforts to actually build a large customer base.

2. Target the new customers

Identifying customers who are clicking on your email, but not buying from your company is important if you want to continually increase your customer base. Segmenting and sending discount coupons to the customers who love browsing, but hate buying is a great way to entice the customers. A personal touch in any communication is loved and it will only encourage participation. Apart from discounts, you can even tell the customers that if they become regular customers you will award them with loyalty benefits, which you reward only to a selected few customers.

3. Personalizing the bulk emails

With different software available, you can easily personalize every email that you send to the customers. A customer will feel happy, if they are greeted by their name, for e.g. ‘Dear Mary’ instead of ‘Dear Customer’. There is no harm in sending the latter, but you will be missing on a very important aspect to connect with the people, which is the emotional connect. Today, everyone loves to be addressed by their names and if you can give what the customers want, you are sure to build customers for life.

With the technology changing, even email marketing is changing. Change with the change to increase your revenue.