Top 3 Email Marketing Trends for 2017

Email marketing may not as charming as Instagram or Facebook, but when it comes to ROI, it surpasses all other digital platforms. According to various researches, email is one of the most effective channels for building trust and generating brand awareness among the target audience. If you want to send any messages across to your audience, you need to send it via email. Focus on different email marketing strategies to understand the email trends for the upcoming year. The most successful campaigns are the ones where marketers constantly quest to understand their audience. Here are a few trends to watch out in 2017.


Visual Impact

Your email messages should definitely take some tip from social media to cater successfully to the younger generation. Optimize your messages and email for the millennials as this age group heavily relies on visuals to communicate. Furthermore, visuals creates a magnificent impact and the intended message reaches the audience. If someone subscribes via Instagram or Pinterest, focus on sending image-laden emails. Also, focus on your email design to visually make the message more appealing to the reader.


Integration of social media with email marketing will foster the growth of your brand. You can encourage sharing via social media and send information about it using email. It will help you tap target customers on different types of marketing platforms. It will encourage brand awareness and your brand will come into the limelight. Brands that integrate their email marketing efforts with social media tends to witness faster growth that those who prefer to look away. Created a dedicated landing page for the customer to share their email address. And, in every email provide an option for the customer to share the post on their social media profiles. It will encourage the word-of-mouth publicity.

Mobile optimization

Mobile as expected is likely to dominate email marketing even in 2017. More customers are expected to access their inbox via mobiles. What makes mobile most important, is the convenience to use it anywhere. Furthermore, according to a research more than 40% of the customer delete the email without reading it, if it doesn’t display properly on their mobile phones.

Email is the present and the future of marketing.