Top 3 Email Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Consider

During your childhood, did you ever believe that sitting too close to the television will spoil your eyesight and that you should wait for 30 minutes before going to bath after eating? Most people have lived with this myth and no one actually ever tried to make a difference. The same thing is true with email marketing. Myths around email marketing originate and source of the myth remains unknown to marketers. As a marketer, for a successful email marketing campaign, you need to be aware of these myths. Here are a few myths you should not consider while crafting an email marketing campaign.

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Email automation is expensive

According to a research, email marketing automation increases the pipeline sales by almost 10%.  Automation helps in proper targeting and you deliver personalized messages at the right time to the right audience. However, there are many affordable tools available, which makes automation less expensive and even small business owners can afford it. Automation will save time and will help you connect with the target audience easily.

Unsubscribes are bad

Many marketers love to brag about the number of subscribers and they display it with pride on their website and blog. The number describes the efficacy of their marketing, but it’s still important to add an unsubscribe button in every communication. When someone clicks the unsubscribe button, you should not lose heart because such customers will later on filter your messages as spam. High number of spam complaint reduces the email deliverability and affects the sender’s reputation. Therefore, focus on creating content that is relevant to the target readers, so that the unsubscribe rates are low.

Subject line should be short

Many email marketers are obsessed with the length of the subject line. It’s often believed that short email captures the attention and brings more conversion. But, the size of the subject line is not the only thing that matters to increase the open rate. Long and relevant subject lines tend to gather the attention of the readers. However, you need to ensure that such subject lines are easily readable on mobile devices as well.