Tips to Increase ROI

Email is one of the most preferred modes of communication for marketers because of its effectiveness and powerful nature. According to research conducted, email marketing was voted as the best channel in terms of ROI. The figures surpassed all the other forms of marketing and for a plethora of companies more than 30% of their revenue comes from email marketing. Trying to force your product on the consumers will have no effect as the customer prefer to choose their products on their own after a thorough research and analysis. You can increase the ROI of the email marketing campaign through personalization and optimization of the content. Here are a few ways to increase the ROI of the email marketing campaign.


Be personal

Rather than simply pulling in the first name of the recipient, go a step further and include the last article or blog read by the customer. You can even include information pertaining to their company and other details relating the personal information of the customer. Send different emails to customers based upon their segmentation and personas. Therefore, use the vast amount of data available in the CRM and offer unique content to the customers. Send links and videos which are viewed most frequently by the customers. This will help you connect with customers and generate loyal customers.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key when it comes to email marketing. Sending consistent and relevant content to the customers is an effective way to increase the ROI. Your marketing messages, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and Pinterest posts should speak about the same content. Unifying the message across all the marketing platforms will help you build and gain interest in the minds of the customers. You need to tell your story to the customers in a cohesive yet persuasive manner.

Be on time

Scheduling the email messages during business hours will help you nurture the email marketing campaign. You can actually win the trust of a plethora of customers by sending emails at the right time. You can actually get creative with the timings and build a long database of customers.