Three most Crucial Rates of Email Marketing

No one can deny the fact of email marketing delivering the highest ROI among the all the other forms of marketing. However, the fact is true only if the email marketing is done in the right way. If bulk emails are triggered to customers, then email marketing will never provide the desired result nor will the ROI be high. And, if the sales figure does not shoot up, something is definitely wrong with email marketing campaign. You need to consider the three crucial rates of email marketing if you want to really succeed. Additionally, you need to keep your fingers on the pulse of the whole email marketing campaign.


The following rates will help you succeed and know your email marketing campaign in a better way.

Open Rates

A low open rate is an indication of an extremely bad email marketing campaign. The subject line is the reason for low open rates, because until the subject line is interesting, the customer will not bother to open the email. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the subject line and make it as captivating as possible. Only when the customer’s find the subject line interesting, they will bother to read the content. Personalization of the subject line is another great way to increase the open rates. It is basically the rate at which subscribers open the newsletters being triggered to the customers.

Click Through Rate

The rate indicates whether the email marketing campaign was successful in delivering the required results of driving traffic to the website or not. Click through rate monitors how people actually react to the links embedded in the newsletter. Whether the newsletters are opened and the links are visited or not. If the click through rate is low, then you need to work on the content of the email and ensure the content is relevant and unique.

Bounce rates

Bounce rates is the black sheep in the whole lot because a high bounce rate is an indication of the mailing list consisting of only inactive and dormant addresses. You need to keep the mailing list clean and ensure list hygiene is maintained.