Three Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile Email Marketing

It comes with no surprise that an increase in the smartphone users has increased the email open rates by a significant percentage. This upsurge in the open rates has given marketers an altogether different platform to effectively use email marketing. However, nowadays a plethora of customers is dissatisfied with the kind of email marketing campaign followed by different companies. If your customers are also dissatisfied, read ahead to avoid the mistakes in mobile email marketing.

Dissatisfied customers = un-subscription

1. Track the frequency of the emails

Frequency is the balancing act for an email marketer because if it goes wrong, the whole campaign goes for a toss. Frequent emails annoy the customers leaving them with the only option of opting out of the newsletter. As an email marketer, you need to be patient and wait for the customers to respond to your follow up emails or read your newsletter. Sending newsletters thrice or twice a week is a sheer waste of time. Think from the perspective of a customer, your company probably will not be the only company for which the customer would have subscribed. In a week, if all such companies send 3 newsletters each, the customer will go crazy reading and opening the emails. This leads to annoyance and the end result is a loss of a customer.

2. Send meaningful emails

Sending information about an event occurring in Sydney to a person residing in Queensland is a blunder. You are actually spamming the inbox of such a customer by sending irrelevant and meaningless emails. Therefore, you need to leverage on the existing customer’s data and accordingly send information. In order to increase relevancy and create an impact for an offer, embed a real time clock in your newsletters so that the customers know that the clock is ticking and the time left for an offer to expire is less. Use the location of the subscriber (can be obtained when an email is opened) to send relevant information by inserting local content.

3. Mobile Usability

Customers will directly opt-out from your email marketing campaign if the emails are not mobile friendly. Mobile usability is the base and basic for a successful mobile email marketing campaign. Optimize your website for mobile to ensure customers stay with you forever.