Three Important P’s of Email Marketing

Deciphering the right code for email marketing is a tough code to crack and you have to undergo endless trials and errors, before hitting on the right combination. From selecting the right audience to selling the right product to your customers, everything needs to be perfect if you truly want to build a strong customer base. Email marketing is definitely not your cup of tea if you fear hard work and want to achieve instant results. Email marketing takes time and you need to focus on the following three P’s for a successful email marketing campaign.



This time it’s not your customers, in fact, they are the employees of your organization. Team size and the talent of the employees decide how much emphasis a company is putting in their email marketing channel. Companies and organizations with smaller teams have multitalented people to take care of coding and development, strategy, designing, writing and analytics. Every employee working on any email marketing project should have a working knowledge of all the other aspects to understand the email lifecycle and accordingly deliver to the target audience. Your people are your strength, therefore, focus on building a work force and add valuable inputs to your email marketing strategy.


Processes of email marketing are different for every business and proper planning is essential for a proper execution. Think and brainstorm ideas internally as to what type of messages to send and the volume of messages to send to the target readers. Additionally, think externally about the kind of industry events you want to host to increase your readership and customer base. Work on your process with your employees to craft an amazing email marketing campaign. Additionally, double-check the marketing campaign before sending to the prospects.


More than 83% of the marketers, either use Google or Microsoft tools for their content planning because they are free of cost. Remember that free is not always right, moreover, there are a plethora of tools available, which are worth the investment. Choose the right platform and product for content planning and sending messages to the readers.

Follow these three P’s for a successful marketing campaign.