Three Email Marketing Tips You Should Know

When it comes to email marketing, the main aim to find a spot between losing and winning a customer. Some email marketing campaigns, manage to keep the customers engaged through their content, but others are perceived as annoyance by the readers. And, once the churn rate is reduced, customers are more likely to filter the messages as spam, thereby reducing your email sender’s reputation. Here are a few tips you should know as these are successful and improves the reach.

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Avoid spam language

Using words such as ‘free’, ‘money’, ‘urgent’, ‘clearance’, and ‘cheap’ are likely to trigger the spam filters. You need to remember that a spam filter is only an algorithm designed to filter out keywords based upon certain triggers that are associated with the different promotional email messages. Additionally, using exclamation and all capital letters in the email message will land your message in the spam folder, thereby creating more problems for your email marketing campaign. It is always best to make the email marketing campaign extremely subtle to reach out to a large customer base. As far as possible, avoid using spam language.

Test the messages before sending

One best way to avoid any marketing error fiasco is to send messages to a relatively small sample before sending it to the entire customer base. With this, you can easily track the open rates and the conversions. And, if you see a downfall in of these metrics, you can investigate the root cause of the problem before sending it to the entire mailing list. It will surely help improve the open rates as you know what is working with the target audience. Many marketers still don’t consider testing important and end up losing out potential customers.

Focus on CAN-SPAM requirement

The CAN-SPAM laws are relatively simple to follow, but if you violate them, you could either be fined or develop a negative impression, which will affect your consumers. Meeting the CAN-SPAM requirement means that your business is properly following the rules and best practices outlined by regulatory bodies. Additionally, it will ensure that you never land in the spam folder.