Three Email Marketing Basics to Keep in Mind

Email marketing is the leading marketing tool allowing the customers to target the potential customers. And, when customers have agreed to receive information from your end, you have to ensure that quality content is shared with the customers. With upcoming technologies, you should not forget the basics of email because it forms as your base for an effective email marketing campaign. Here are a few fundamentals you need to keep in mind while sending messages to the target audience.



SMART objectives

A plethora of marketers switch to email marketing when they’re in dire need of uplifting the sales and conversions. However, any action taken in haste will reap its consequences in the later stages. Setting objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed help you clearly define KPIs. Email copy that is realistic and specific creates a positive image because the customers know what action to take. Your email campaign will flourish if you focus on the SMART objectives.

Identify the right metrics

Once you have clear objectives, tracking the right process metrics becomes easier for your brand. From process metrics to output metrics, you can study every minute detail to make changes in your marketing campaign. Process metrics include, bounce rate, acceptance rate, open rate, click-through rate and click-to-open rate. These metrics are trend indicator and do not necessarily indicate a successful campaign. On the other hand, output metrics indicate the success of your email campaign. It includes metrics such as lifetime value, conversion rate, value of an email address, revenue per email and revenue per customer.

Focus on visibility and value

You need to ensure that your email campaigns and signup forms are easily visible to the readers. Place the signup form on your homepage, landing pages, social media pages, transactional confirmation pages and transactions emails. A visible sign-up form will help you win the trust and attention of the readers. Furthermore, tell the customers numerous benefits of receiving email from your brand.

Focus on the above email marketing basics to win the trust of the readers.