The Key to Success in Email Marketing

Email Marketing has never gone bigger and even the advent of social media, targeted email marketing campaigns is extremely successful. The success rate has surpassed every other form of marketing. The ROI of this marketing type has made it possible for each and every business to effectively use the platform to reach out to the intended customers without any glitch. Today, thousands of emails are exchanged between the companies and the customers, therefore, it becomes even more important to stand out from the crowd and make your presence felt in the market. Email marketing is growing bigger each passing day and you can easily grow your business with it, if you know the key to success.


1. Urge customers to forward

Forwarding a message expands the reach of marketing messages and generates the additional conversation every business strives for in the market. The health of the marketing campaign is maintained because when customers forward the messages to their relatives or friends, the chances of a bounce rate or spam complaint is minimal. You can connect to complexly new customer base, if marketing concepts are followed diligently. And, once new customers begin to like the marketing campaign, the word of mouth publicity will tremendously increase, thereby increasing the ROI of the whole campaign. You can request the customer to pass on the message to their friends or family members who are interested. And, in return you can reward such customers. The rewards can be anything ranging from a discount coupon to an e-book. You will also be able to an authentic mailing list wherein a majority of the customers are interested in your offerings. However, whenever urging customers to forward the emails, never sound desperate as it will leave a negative impression in their mind.

2. Promotional emails

Sending promotional campaigns to the customers comprising of freebies, discounts, early bird offers, loyalty bonuses and first time customer benefits. Promotional campaigns are bound to rope in a plethora of new customers. Send the promotional emails once a week to attract more and more customers.