The Importance of Email Marketing

Even in 2016, marketers need email marketing because it has the power to render invaluable information to the readers with a single click. More than 80% of the marketers believe that email is the core part of their business. Today, email is more important than any other marketing tool. It is cheap, useful and easy way to connect with the target audience. Here are a few tactics of engaging the readers.


Email pays for itself

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where you spend thousands of dollars to reach the target audience, email pays for itself. The return on investment is huge and companies that successfully acquire quality leads witness 50% more revenue than their counterparts. Sending a beautiful story through email will take less than $5 and you can share the same story with everyone. Email is directly linked to the revenue generating source for a majority of the businesses.

Optimize for mobile

More than 70% customers delete the emails, if they don’t display properly on a mobile device. This makes optimization extremely crucial because more and more subscribers are accessing their inbox in a mobile device. Optimize your messages so that it opens correctly in any device and reach your target audience. Without mobile optimization, you will end up losing a plethora of customers.

Monitor subscription rate

Improving your unsubscribe rate by merely 0.01% will help you save a lot of precious customers. Therefore, never underestimate the power of unsubscription and if users unsubscribe – ask the reason. Based upon the reason for leaving the newsletter, tweak changes in your marketing campaign. If you’re sending too many messages, consider reducing the frequency and if the content is boring, try sending informative and useful content. Turn to your audience for clues and make your newsletter a success.

Contribute to your brand story

Send case studies, firsthand information from the employees, customer success stories about the way your brand is contributing to the world. Integrate the voice of your brand in the newsletters you send. According to a survey, more than 80% of the customers want the brand to share their stories.