The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an incredible marketing tactic used by a plethora of marketers across the world to spread their message to the intended target audience. However, a lot of people never reach the desired result because of a failed marketing program. Therefore, instead of eliminating email marketing from the marketing strategy, it is best to focus on some of the important do’s and don’ts of email marketing.

You need to adhere to these rules, if you do not want to be filtered as spam by the customers and reach the inbox of the prospects immediately. You can create one of the best recipes of email marketing, if you follow these tips.



Have the access to the inbox

The legislation related to spamming inboxes has become stricter, especially for business marketers looking to attract the customers. You need to build a positive relationship with the customer and for building such a relation, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate access to the inbox of the customer. You need to be upfront on the frequency of the email you will be sending to the customer otherwise, the customer will filter the incoming message as spam and your marketing effort will be completely wasted. The prospects will definitely appreciate transparency and you will surely gain access to their inbox. Focus on building relationship rather than on sales because sales will eventually happen.

Timing is essential

When too many eggs lie in the same basket, some of the eggs will definitely get broken. Therefore, if all the marketers send email to the customer at the same time, the customer will not be able to read and take action. In email marketing, timing is extremely essential and it will help you boost registration and create an excitement in the minds of the customers. Moreover, try to send email to the customer at a fixed time because customers will be expecting the emails at the same time.

Tomorrow we will focus on some of the essential don’ts of email marketing. Focus on these do’s for the meantime.