Testing the New Success for Email Marketers

Wondering over as to why your email campaigns are failing consistently? This is a problem faced by thousands of email marketers who many a times have no clue regarding the failure of their campaign. The following article will throw light on some key insights you require to do in order to understand the root cause of the failure and curb it completely.

Testing is one vital way which can give you a much needed breakthrough. However, a question which now arises is how to test and what to test. Read through to find your answer.

1) Ponder over

Have a goal in mind to establish your hypothesis around which the testing will be carried out. Creating a hypothesis simplifies the task as you can easily relate it to the goal be it increasing the open rate or making people forward your email. The test can revolve around playing with headlines and words or changing the design of the newsletter. If you need to a test for a larger change try changing the demographics and target people accordingly.

 2) Put into action

Mere establishing a hypothesis will not help you in any way. The next step is to put the plan into action. However, remember never to test two parameters simultaneously in the same email because you will never come to know which change actually clicked and worked and which did not. Choosing multivariate testing is your own decision, but it is highly complex and a lot of useful time is wasted in analyzing the results.

3) Record it

Marketers will test and analyze the result, but forget to record it. Recording is an essential part, because in the future, it lets you explore new opportunities and scope of improvement. Moreover, comparison of the results becomes easier and as a marketer, you can easily decide which design or which subject line captured the maximum attention.

 4) Utilize the results

The results are in front of your eyes, but until you utilize them effectively, the time and money spent on them is a waste. Whether the hypothesis passes or fails, take your learning from the test and ensure that the next campaign is successful.