Tap the Untapped Holidays to Drive the Sales

Email marketers are always on a look out to attract and allure the customers to their product. A majority of the email marketing campaigns are designed for holidays celebrated worldwide. Try to be out of the league and tap the less known holidays to captivate the customers and accelerate your sales. Some of the untapped holidays which can lead to a successful campaign are as follows:

1) Peculiar People Day

January 10th is the day for people who are unique in some or the other way. As an email marketer, you can host online or offline contests. The contest can be rewarding the peculiarly dressed person or awarding someone who can easily dance in the supermarkets on any song. Such a campaign will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people.

 2) Hat Day

January 15th is the ultimate day for people who love to wear funky and creative hats. Give gifts to the craziest hat design by running a creative hat design competition.

 3) Lincoln Birthday

On February 12th, treat your customers by giving them $5 off on any purchase because Lincoln is there on a $5 bill. This will ensure that loyal customers and their friends wait for this day every year to buy your products and create a campaign successful.

 4) Texas Independence Day

March 2nd is celebrated as the Texas Independence Day as on this day Texas was declared as an independent state. To leave a lasting impact on the customers, greet all your Texas customers and treat them with offers and discounts.

 5) Old Stuff Day

March 3rd is the day when you can do charity and connect with potential customers. Show your customers that you care for those in need by asking them to donate their old stuff. You can give away the old stuff to some charity and publish the photograph of the customer who donates the maximum.

6) Loyalty Day

Honor your loyal customers on May 1st by giving them special discount and offers. Make them feel so privileged that they remain loyal to you.

 7) Look Alike Day

Handsomely reward look alike on April 20th. The reward can be in terms of discounts. Suppose, a person has two look alike, offer them discounts if all three buy a product from your company.

The above list is simply not exhaustive, there are numerous less known days and by tapping these days, you can skyrocket your sales in no time.