Success of Email Marketing is Driven by Data

The return on investment can double when email marketers leverage the effectiveness of data to understand their target audience. According to a survey, email delivers more than 500% transaction rate, which is a high number to attract the potential readers. And, more than 75% of the customers believe that email personalization leads to enhanced customer engagement. These statistics will surely turn around the wind of your email marketing and you can focus on reaching the target audience. As a marketer, you need to continuously thrive to enhance your marketing efforts. Here are a few ways data can help you build long term relationships.

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A/B testing

When your data is showing poor results and you’re not satisfied with the overall performance, focus on A/B testing. It will help you understand parameters, which work with your target audience. Tweak the subject lines to understand what trigger the open rate and what forces the customer to read the complete message. With A/B testing you have a great result booster at your disposable, which can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Focus on changing the headline copy or size, product image sizes or simply adjust the color scheme. Send the different variations to a set of audience and record their response rate for an effective email marketing campaign.


As a marketer, you need to know that personalization can lead to big wins and with abundance data available, you can effectively reach the target audience. Personalization becomes extremely simple when you ask the right questions at the time of sign up. Focus on using the location and time to entice the target readers. Additionally, personalization may not be limited to just the customers, you can personalize your brand. Personalization will definitely soften the edges of your business and add a human level connection with the target readers.

Your email marketing data will surely help you connect and build long term relationship with the readers. Data is a strong tool to understand the behavior and mindset of the audience. No email marketing campaign can become successful if you overlook the data.