Startups and Email Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes in email marketing go hand in hand and for startups committing mistakes in their first email marketing campaign is natural. Starting a new venture is like a learning curve and startups, many a times take risks, which are not planned. And, once such risk is starting an email marketing campaign without understanding the email platform. Email marketing is not only about sharing messages from time to time to keep the readers engaged, it is much more than sending email communication. Here are a few key items a start-up should avoid during their email marketing campaign.


You have put the wrong people in-charge

Believe it or not, your start-up venture is like your child and the better you groom it, the better will be the results. Leaving someone else in-charge of the marketing campaign will not yield the desired result. The passion and zeal you will have towards making the email marketing campaign successful cannot be compared with the marketers you hire. Ensure that the voice behind your content is authentic and professional because it reflects the identity of your brand.

You are forcing the customers to delete the messages

The ‘from’ line in email marketing is of utmost importance because based on which the email is either opened or deleted without reading. The ‘from’ line should display your company name and not the personal address of the person sending the messages to the readers. Likewise, ensure that the subject line clearly states the messages inside the email. Never include ALL CAPS as it triggers the spam filters. You can even use spam checkers to ensure the email communication does not trigger the ISPs. Making your first email marketing campaign is difficult for new marketers, but if you focus on delivering value, success will not be difficult to achieve.

You are waiting for the list to increase

Obtaining the permission of customers to receive the email newsletter is indeed perishable, but waiting for the list to reach a specific number to start the email marketing campaign is an armature’s move. Send the first personalized message whenever you receive permission from the customer.