Spicing your Email Marketing Campaign for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, especially at this time of the year. Irrespective of whether you are single or committed, it is the time of the year to celebrate and try your luck at hand. If you are planning to sell Valentine’s Day related gift, thoughtfully plan the email marketing campaign. According to Experian, more than 80% of the revenue generation of the Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign happened from 1st February to 13th February. Impressing the readers and target audience in the romantic season is essential to increase engagement and ensure customers come back to purchase more items from your brand in the future. Here are a few tips to spice your marketing campaign.

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Choose your words carefully

The subject line of the message is essential as it decides whether the reader will open the email or not. Using seasonal words in the subject line will definitely see a surge in the click-through and open rate. For spicing the efforts for Valentine’s Day, use words as ‘love’ ‘cupid’, ‘romance’ or ‘date’ to woo the readers and attract their attention. The word ‘romance’ last year increase the click-through rate by more than 150%. Additionally, the word ‘crush’ was popular in the marketing messages and helped in generating revenue. Therefore, next time you send a romantic message, remember to include these important words. Your email message should be like the cupid’s arrow hitting the hearts of the target readers.

Choose the time

Choosing one day, which will outperform all the other days of the week is essential. Friday and Saturday seems as one of the best time to send the messages as people are free and can easily go for a ‘date’ with their loved ones. In 2015, Mondays saw the highest open rates as people prefer receiving messages on the first day of the week and want to stay relaxed during the weekends.

Share seasonal and important content to the customers. Email marketing will definitely help you achieve success. Get creative and offer suggestions for making their Valentine’s Day extremely special.