Some Useful Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing today is one of the leading ways to send the message across to the potential customers and increase the user base. The method is fast, reliable and extremely inexpensive way to connect with the target audience. However, keeping the customers engaged through this medium is a tedious task and requires the right mix of efforts and intelligent content. The following tips will ensure that the email is read and the target audience takes the necessary action for the same.


Customers love when they feel special and privileged. Therefore, to entice the customer and ensure they continue with email subscription make them feel special. During subscription, ask the customers their birthday or anniversary, and send personalized greetings on their special occasion. Marketing is after all not only about selling, it also involves a pinch of personal touch to keep the campaign alive and attractive.


A personalized company’s email address is recommended over individual email address because you want the customers to connect to the company and not to any individual. Moreover, research has shown that customers connect more to an authentic email sent from the company.


Even an email marketing campaign requires a private policy detailing how the information shared by the customer will be used by your organization. Therefore, ensure that at the end of every email you include the link, which details the policies clearly to the user.


When drafting a message use minimum capital letter and maximize the usage of bullet points and white spaces. The reading and scanning becomes easier in this type of a format. For headlines you can use bold fonts as it increases readability. Additionally, you can give the users a hyperlinked table of content to ensure they know what they are going to encounter ahead. This becomes important as a customer looks for a reason to scroll down. And, unless you give them a reason, they are never going to read the full email or the newsletter.


As soon as you realize the effectiveness of the previous email marketing campaign, you can start a new one based on the results obtained. Such a step saves time as there is no point running a campaign when it is not effective.