Some Email Marketing Tips

With the growth of email marketing, marketing has become easy and connecting with the potential customers has become even simpler. It is a powerful relationship building tool and you can actually attract a plethora of customers to the email marketing campaign. These tips will allow you to successfully connect with the customers and ensure that a successful email marketing campaign is achieved. Here are few email marketing tips, which will help you achieve success.

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1. HTML or plain text

A majority of marketers today are confused whether to use HTML or plain text for the marketing campaign. This is a matter of personal preference, more importantly the choice of the customers. Most email marketers send both the types of emails to the customers. You can test the email in both the formats and decide on which format is the best and can create interest in the minds of the customers.

2. Ensure email fits the screen

With the advent of smart phones, email is now being viewed on the smart phones more often than on the desktop. Therefore, you need to optimize the email for different types of platform to ensure that preview of the email on the mobile device is apt and is according to the customers need. You can send a test mail to ensure that the email fits the screen appropriately. Email is growing bigger with smart phones, therefore, you need to optimize it for different devices.

3. Content is the king

If your emails are poorly designed, the open rate and click rate will be extremely low. Providing valuable content to the customers will ensure engagement with the customers and you will be able to build long term relationship with the customers. Send newsletters containing valuable and useful information to the customers. You can easily attract a plethora of customers with the content. Additionally, never send sales oriented newsletters to the customers. Your content will decide whether the customer will mark the email as spam or not.

Email marketing provides the highest ROI, follow these tips to achieve success and build long term customer relationship.