Socially Powered Email Marketing

Email newsletters having a social sharing button have a click-through rate, which is 150% higher than the normal emails triggered to the customers. Social media and email marketing has changed the way marketing is done as it influences the customers to make a purchase as all the information about the products and services are known. Therefore, you need to leverage the effectiveness of social media to increase the effectiveness of email marketing and build a long-term relationship with the customers. Here are six ways to use socially powered email marketing to produce large campaigns to effectively communicate with the prospects.


Give customers a reason to believe

High quality relevant and interesting content is the leading way to attract customers. However, sending content alone will not help you win the trust of the prospect customers. Engaging imagery, discounts, and coupons are often used to entice the customers. When customers are given discounts and referrals they tend to make a purchase and give their valuable opinions about the products. It only leads to increase in sales, but also ensures word of mouth publicity if the customer like the product. Share the news to the customer via email or social media and spread the information to as many customers as you can. Only when you give customers a reason to believe, purchase will occur.

Understand what works

Email marketing gives you the strength to understand what actually works and what actually fails for your marketing campaign. These insights help you create a smarter campaign, which will having a lasting impression in the minds of the customers. You learn from your mistakes as once you understand the root cause of the problem, you are less likely to repeat the same. Additionally, you understand the interest of the customers.

Reach customers on any device

A plethora of customers uses mobile devices and tablets to read their important emails and it is one of the best tools that can help your business take advantage of the latest mobile technology. Optimizing the email for different devices is essential to create a socially powered email marketing.