Sending Email Marketing at the Right Time

Email marketing is undoubtedly an extremely tricky affair, especially for small business owners looking to leave a lasting impression. Marketers are often confused about the right time of sending the emails. Right time is when a majority of the recipients are likely to engage with the email and take action. You may be successful in reaching the inbox of the readers, but engage them at a time when you send the message is difficult. According to a recent study, people prefer checking their emails on their phone while watching TV, on vacation and when in the bathroom. Whenever a person is at home, the chances of customer engagement are high because the recipient is at leisure.

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Why to send at a specified time?

You may be successful in creating a beautiful message, the content may be great and offer value to the readers, but if the reader receives the message while sleeping, all your efforts will be wasted. Your message would be lost in the numerous other messages the customer receives in the night. Sending email communication at a random time to your customers will never maximize the ROI of the email marketing campaign. Additionally, subscribers may prefer to un-subscribe from the newsletter because they are tired of receiving messages at an odd hour of the day. Research thoroughly about the target audience before making a final call. Remember to send the newsletter every week at the same time as your readers would be waiting for your email communication.

What is the right time?

Never rely on industry average to decide the time of sending because there is no magical time that will result in higher open and click-through rate. You need to carefully scan the subscribers individually and analyze their engagement behavior. The time may vary from subscriber to subscriber, for one reader the optimum time may be between 7am to 10am and for another it may be after 3pm. Use data driven technologies to know when a customer is likely to engage with your email marketing campaign.

Send emails one at a time to maximize your revenue.