Right Email Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, you would probably spend a lot of money and time on drafting and crafting your email marketing strategy. You are ready to shell out a huge amount of email marketing because the marketing platform is effective and guarantees results if all the basics are followed. Customers today are tech savvy and checking their emails as fast as you are checking your business messages. Email will undoubtedly come out with flying colors. Therefore, why not follow the right marketing strategy and place your message directly in the inbox of the intended customer. Here a are a few email marketing strategies, you need to stick to in 2016.


Never mislead the customers

Be it 2000 or 2016, customers are and will always remain the king for any business because they are the main reason a business strives in the stiff competition. And, cheating with people, who are important is more like banging your head on the wall deliberately. Misleading the customers false headers, deceptive subject lines and content will never allow you to develop a message, which the customers cannot resist irrespective of the tempting discount or promotional offer you are offering. Send relevant, crisp and informative content, if you genuinely want to build an authentic email marketing strategy. Imagine receiving a message having information about a tempting offer, but when the customers open the email, the message is something else. What impression will the reader have about your brand? The reader will probably put all your emails in the junk folder of the mailbox.

Never forget the mobile

Always remember that a majority of the emails today are being read on the mobile devices and if you have not optimized your email for mobile, you are lacking somewhere in the email marketing strategy. You will be like a small fish lost in the ocean with nowhere to go. Optimize the email for mobile devices and remember to test the message before sending it to the customers. If you are not mobile-friendly, your messages will be ignored by more than half of your marketing list.