Revitalizing Email Marketing Campaign

Revitalizing the email marketing campaign will get your subscribers responding and the deliverability rates will shoot up a hundred times. Revitalization is essential when customers stop responding and interacting with the email campaign. And, because of the erratic behavior of the customers, you end up losing sales, which deteriorates the enthusiasm to work on the campaign. The reason for disengagement may be many, but revitalization is the tool which will help you come of the problem easily and effectively. Read ahead to know the interesting ways to revitalize the campaign.


1. Stick to your time slot

You need to stick to a definite time slot and the mail at the same time. According to a research, email is received well by the customers during the first hour of delivery. The chances of the subscriber opening the email after the first hour of delivery are meager even if the offers are irresistible. Always send the mail suiting the time zone of the recipients. You will be able to set expectations for the customers and build a loyal customer base.

2. Images are a key

A major reason for the response rate being down is that the newsletter resembles a biography full of text instead of images from the 21st century. Today, in the fast paced world, when people do not have time to properly eat, reading an email loaded with text is out of the question. The likelihood of customers opening and remembering the newsletters full of images is as high as 60%.  Images are the master key and the gateway to enter the heart of the customers and build long term relationships. However, do not overload the mail with images alone as it can be confusing to the readers.

3. Keep it short and simple

Are your messages as long as a president’s speech at a function? Long speech will work wonders during a function, but with email marketing short and simple messages will work. You need to make your point without beating behind the bush. Send relevant and succinct newsletters to the readers and you will see an increase in the marketing statistics.