Revamp your Email Marketing Today

As a reader, how many newsletters have you read? Leave reading, how many newsletters have you bothered to even open? The answer to these questions is the reason why you need to revamp the whole email marketing campaign. Providing a balanced informational content to the customers will help you engage and build a loyal subscriber base. Making the customer read a newsletter is a challenging task and if you are able to master the art, you will never have to worry about a loyal user base.


Following are few ways by which the whole marketing campaign can be revamped and revitalized.

1. Use the correct pre-header text

Subject line today rarely attract the customer to open and read the newsletter present. Today, subject lines are used as a scanner and only those emails which pass the scan test are considered by the user. However, the pre-header text will give attention to the newsletter and definitely increase the open rate. The marketing statistics are extremely important as the sender’s reputation in front of the ISPs is always maintained. And, maintaining a healthy relationship with the ISP is essential if you have to thrive in the tough and competitive email marketing world. The pre-header text will give the customer insight about the email and reinforce the message. It is a great way to display a new product and promote sale.

2. IP warmup

IP warmup is another great way to kick-start any email marketing campaign.  Warming is introducing the mail traffic such that the filters understand that a legitimate stream of emails are being triggered. It indirectly means that you can send emails in small number, but such emails will have more interaction with the intended target audience. As and when the filters adjusts to the mails from the IP, the number can be significantly increased. Additionally, warming creates a reputation, which is temporary and not permanent.  If you really want the warmup to work effectively send mails consistently and regularly. Increase the amount of the emails gradually. Moreover, remember never to start a new IP and a create a brand new domain together as it creates a negative impact.