Reinvigorating the Email Marketing Campaign

You will be leaving your conversion on the table if the email marketing campaign isn’t unified and synchronized across the marketing channels, it will become extremely difficult to turn the prospects into customers. And, if you are looking for a comeback with the marketing campaign, you need to focus on creating value and engaging customers. Here are a few ways to reinvigorate the email and build long term customer relationship.


Segment the customers into different groups

Organizing and separating the mailing list into small groups will help you deliver targeted messages to the customers. Segment the list based upon their location, interest and purchase behavior. Personalized messages sent to a particular target group receives a higher open and conversion rate than campaigns sent randomly to readers. Therefore, it is essential to send an updated contact form to the subscribers requesting them to update their details.

Change the layout

If it has been a long time since you have previously updated the layout of the email, you probably need to update the layout. However, before changing to a new layout, you need to understand that more than 80% of the emails are read on the mobile devices, the new layout should take that into consideration. Consider using a mobile friendly email template to ensure readability. Additionally, the layout should be in line with the theme and product features. Switch to a new layout and attract customers.

Use eye-catching subject line

When reinvigorating the email marketing campaign, remember you are trying to capture the attention of the customers once again. Therefore, you need to be 100% sure that the subject line piques the interest of the customer. You can test out different subject lines on a different user groups and choose the one yielding the highest result. Little tweaks in the subject line will help to substantially change the results. The email open rate will change and the comeback will be successful.

Never get discouraged if the changes do not occur within a day or week. Marketing is always work in progress and you need to show patience.