Provide First Aid to your Email Marketing Program Today

For a majority of FMCG companies, email sales are bloodline and if the emails sales are not happening as expected, you need to remove all the interventions resulting in lower sales. Email is growing bigger every passing day as the number of people using the Smartphones are increasing. Some email tactics may work wonderfully well for your email marketing campaign, but some might just bounce. As a marketer, you need to continually evolve and flow with the technology. You need to always remember that the more you attempt to sell, the more customers will be attracted. Therefore, follow the two golden rules of email marketing and follow it in your next email marketing campaign.


Learn from your mistakes

Lack of efforts in engaging customers is one of the most common mistakes committed by email marketers. Sending the sales pitch to a customer after a dozen of emails will not be helpful because the customer would have lost interest in your product or services. Email marketing is a great platform for engagement and simply expecting sales to increase in the 12th or 13th mail is not a realistic thinking. Therefore, make it a habit to increase sales messages and never ever forget to include a call-to-action button in the email communication. You can even integrate the success story of a client as it will help you build trust and increase the curiosity of the customer in your product and service.

Change your marketing approaches

Keep your marketing approaches like the change in season, which changes every 3-4 months. Consider all the email marketing tactics available to your business and create a perfect combination of sales pitches suiting every season. The marketing approach should be tailored around your company and should be specific in nature. Focus on your email open rates and provide discounts, offers, webinars and eBooks to customers depending upon the marketing approach you are following. Changing the marketing approaches regularly will give your business the freshness every business requires today.

Work on your email marketing campaign and sales will soon follow.