Practical Methods to Improve the Email Marketing Campaign- Part II

Gone are those days when email marketing was considered dead. Email marketing is very much alive and is the first preference of marketers across the globe. High ROI, customer engagement and retention rate, makes this platform ideal for every business. If you want your business to see positive returns, it’s high time you change your email marketing strategy to something that actually works. Merely, sending messages to target audience without conversion is futile. In the previous post, you read about two practical tips to enhance your email marketing campaign, read ahead to explore two more tips.


Mobile optimization is a necessity

According to a report by Litmus, in 2015 more than 33% of the mails were viewed on iPhone and nearly 55% were read on different mobile devices. The market for mobile users is increasing at an alarming rate and as an email marketer, you need to consider optimizing your messages and website for email. Readers often complain that the messages take more time to load on a mobile and are not responsive. Messages for mobile should be written in a single column, otherwise the message appears messy. And, messages which are not properly viewed on a mobile device are not received well by the readers as they tend to flag such messages as spam. Focus on formatting every message, before sending to the target audience. The number of mobile users will only increase in the upcoming years, make yourself well-equipped with mobile optimization tactics.

Sending quality content

If you are not sending quality content to the readers, it doesn’t make a difference whether your messages are read or not. Content should be a mixture of visuals with intriguing content along with a pinch of promotion. Known the purpose of your marketing campaign before crafting content. No email marketing is successful without sending interesting and valuable information to the readers. Only when you provide value to your readers, they will willingly open your messages and consider the call-to-action.

Implement these practical tips to nurture your relationship with the new and existing customers.