Practical Methods to Improve the Email Marketing Campaign- Part I

Every business, whether small or large needs to grow and email marketing remains as the leading tool to reach the target audience. Email is more alive than ever before and is helping brands build a solid online presence. For every $1 spent on email marketing, it reaps $43 on an average. The return of investment is the highest and unmatched. Additionally, not every email landing in the inbox can be a winner and some end up in the spam folder. Hitting the spam folder is a nightmare for marketers because it reduces their reputation. Here are a few tips to increase engagement and ensure a successful email marketing campaign.


Effective opt-in strategy

It’s extremely difficult to have a successful campaign when there are no subscribers. Building an authentic email list is the first task, but in a hurry to taste success, never purchase an email list from a third party vendor. Instead, acquire customers by placing a sign-up box on top of the website and tell the customer the benefit they will derive after joining the email marketing campaign. Remember to provide an incentive for signing up as visitors will not sign-up unless they receive something. Quality is as important as quantity of the email list, never compromise on both. A healthy marketing list will result in higher open and delivery rates.

Improve open rates

Tweak changes in your subject line and re-send, if the emails are going unread. Creative and interesting subject line captures the attention of the readers and is more important than the body of the email message. The subject line should be free from words such as ‘free’, ‘cash’ or ‘urgent’ as these words trigger the spam filters. Additionally, avoid using all CAPS both in the subject line and body of the message. Focus on varying the frequency of messages to see the impact on the open rates. Many customers do not open the messages because of high frequency. Experts recommend sending six messages per week and anything beyond that will force the readers to filter the newsletters as spam.

Use these methods for a successful email marketing campaign.