Power of Email Marketing For Building Relationship

Today, consumers are addicted to social media, but it doesn’t necessarily make it the leading marketing platform. Social media is definitely not the best relationship marketing channel because it does not enable one way communication and follow-up with the prospects is difficult. Email marketing is great for regular communication, whereas you can use social media for brand discovery. The power of email marketing cannot be denied because it gives sender the control to send messages on a regular basis. Return on investment is the highest and you can easily build a loyal customer base using email marketing.


Why is email marketing better?

A Facebook or a Twitter user will your content and brand information on their Newsfeed once in a while and when they are seeing other things, the reader completely forgets about the information they have previously read. And, going back to the same piece of information is difficult because the user will not see the information again in their Newsfeed. On the other hand, email messages will continue to stay in the inbox even if the reader takes action on other emails. Additionally, the more interesting content you send, the more click you will receive and the higher will be your revenue potential. Loyal customers will never leave the email marketing campaign because they are receiving value for their hard-earned money. Likewise, tailoring messages according to the requirement of the subscriber is easier than social media. The level of personalization achievable in an email message is unparalleled and unmatched.

Segmentation is faster

Understanding the requirements of the subscribers and segmenting the readers based upon their age, demographics, location and gender is easier in email marketing. Today, no email marketing campaign will flourish without segmenting the readers because sending the same set of messages to all the readers having diversified interests is difficult. You can easily learn the individual preference of the readers through their purchase and click action. Personalization holds the key to success of any email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is undoubtedly the leading choice when it comes to building long term relationship with the readers.