Personalization Tactics that are Turning Off the Subscribers

Readers can actually swim in the pool of marketing messages given the amount of promotional emails an average reader receives on a daily basis. BOGO sales and 50% off messages always land in the trash folder leading to a failed email marketing campaign. After many years of research and experimenting, marketers have found that email personalization is the leading way to enter into the inbox of the customers. But, how personal should the email message be? Online consumers love personalized messages based upon their purchase history and buying behavior. However, excess of personalization can turn off the readers. Here are a few personalization tactics that can turn off the subscribers immediately.

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Getting excessively personal

The mount of personalization you use in the email message should be dependent upon the buying cycle of the customers. If the customer has recently signed up for the marketing messages, you need to wait until you learn more about the consumer and their preferences. Try to mix the personalization with other offers so that the readers do not feel hunted and watched by the marketers. Additionally, jumping to personalized messages without understanding the customer requirement can prevent the prospects from using your brand. Wait until a firm relationship is established between the consumer and the brand before sending overly customized messages. Email marketing campaign will suffer heavily on getting excessively personal.

Inaccurate location targeting

Sending messages and offers based upon the location of the customer is a convenient way to attract the attention of the readers, but if the location targeting goes wrong, the reader will thoroughly get annoyed. If a reader searches for a restaurant while on a vacation in some other place and you send the messages based upon the same vacation to the readers, they will probably filter your email messages as spam because your location targeting tactic has awfully failed.

Too much contacting the readers

Over sending the email messages to the customer will never help you achieve success in the marketing goals. If you send the same message over and over again or increase the frequency of messages, the customers are likely to get irked with your email marketing campaign.