Performing Better At Email Marketing

Tasting success in email marketing campaign is only possible when right message reaches the right customer at the right time. Companies connecting with the customers using automated email marketing have a higher conversion rate. Additionally, automated emails are based upon the purchase cycle of the customer and these relevant emails generate higher revenue than the normal broadcast emails. The automated messages are personalized and tend to increase the revenue by six times. You can perform better by using automated email marketing.


Creativity is unleashed

When the manual work is replaced with automated marketing campaigns, the staff members responsible for the same can unleash their creativity in designing the marketing campaigns. The overall staff productivity and effectiveness will keep the staff members happy and the burden on the HR department of the company will be less. Additionally, mundane and repetitive tasks lowers the morale and enthusiasm of the employees. But, when the staff members get to unleash their creativity, they remain loyal and happy.

Potential customer are targeted

One of the most important benefits of email marketing automation is that it offers marketers the ability to connect with the customers at a personalized level. You can send personalized emails to the customers based upon their journey. Upselling and cross-selling becomes easier with an automated process. For example, if a customer buys a car that has an optional upgrade scheme, as a marketer, you will automate the email marketing campaign asking the customer to upgrade before a set date.

Create optimal subject line

Ultra specific subject lines are loved by customers because they are to the point and easily attracts the attention of the customer. Use words such as ‘Alert’, ‘weekly’, ‘daily’, ‘news’, etc. to capture the interest of the readers. Always ensure to use a call-to-action for every email as it will drive traffic and increase the click-through rate. Additionally, test the subject line and use the one providing the best result.

Use images in the body of the email and notice the difference in the marketing numbers. Performing better at email marketing is all about creating value for the target readers.