Optimizing Email Opt in Form

Conversion rates and open rates are vital for every marketing campaign and the opt-in form is an effective lead generating tool used by marketers across the globe. An opt-in form which is not optimized is simply occupying space on the web because such a form is as good as dead, you will not be able to generate any organic traffic from such a form. An opt-in form preserves the email marketing reputation and tells the customer you respect their privacy. Therefore, it is essential to optimize the email opt in form before including it on the website.


Ask for relevant information

Asking the right amount of information from the customer is essential to enhance the conversion and the open rates. The less information you ask the subscribers during opt-in procedure the more customers will become a part of the marketing campaign. For a higher conversion rate, you can ask only their email address, but is not considered advisable to just ask the email address. Therefore, ask information, which will help you fulfil and understand the requirement of the customers. If you are looking to build long term relationship with the customers, collect information without which the marketing campaign cannot proceed.

Choose the right location

Some of the most common places to place the opt-in form include, the front page, center page and the sidebar. Each place has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the opt-in form is placed on the front and the center page, it will be the first thing a customer comes across. Such placement of the form will definitely ensure a high conversion rate. However, if you are planning for web based content marketing, then it is best to avoid placing the form in the center page as it will not leave a lasting impression and readers might consider it as a spam. However, placing the form in the sidebar will make it visible and easily accessible to the customers.

Additionally, you can test different variations with the opt-in form and choose the one resulting in the highest conversion rate.