Optimizing Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

Email marketing is growing in popularity and with the wide use of mobile devices, it is extremely essential to implement marketing strategies involving the mobile device. Email has been around for centuries, still it is one of the oldest form of communicating with the prospective customers. The results obtained are unsurpassable and you are able to build long term relationship with the customers. It opens up the chances of one-to-communication, which is a major drawback for most of the marketing methods. Additionally, email has grown stronger since the inception of smartphones. It helps to build long-term relationships with the customer. Here are a few ways of optimizing your next marketing campaign for different mobile devices.


Mobile responsive

You need to make the marketing campaign responsive for email marketing. Responsive emails enhances the way your email appeals to the customer irrespective of the type of mobile device you are using. You will be shocked to know that more than 53% of the emails are read on the phone by the customer. As the smartphone market increase, the number is likely to go up each passing day. A customer always has a mobile phone by their side, and whenever an email alert comes in, they are sure to check the message. The open rates are likely to increase, but if the email is not made mobile responsive, customer will not show any interest in the message being delivered. A reader will discard a message, if they have to scroll up and down the message again and again to read it. Moreover responsive emails are a necessity today and recipients actually love emails from such companies.

Optimizing images for an HD display

An image speaks a thousand words and the visual attraction it creates cannot be compared to the written text. A poor quality image will ruin the whole message and the email marketing campaign will not deliver the desired results. All images, including the banner or logo of the company should be as clear as possible. Additionally, the size of the image should not be too large otherwise the recipient will not even bother for the image to load.