Never Overlook the Basics of Email Marketing

In a hurry to implement the latest changes, marketers often overlook the basics of email marketing, which are required for a successful marketing campaign. These essential ingredients help in creating a perfect email loved and enjoyed by the readers. As an email marketer, you need to stand out of the crowd to attract the attention of your readers. You can do it by sending the message from an authentic email address. Unless the readers open your messages, attracting them to your website becomes a tough task. Here are a few basics of email marketing, which should always be followed.


Subject line

According to a survey, more than 63% of the readers delete the email message because the subject line does not create any impact. You need to focus on creating a short and a catchy subject line to increase the open rate. Announce a flash sale, invite customers for an exclusive preview and offer them discounts. However, ensure that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Never reveal your offer in the subject line because it will kill the excitement of your readers. Focus on flashy subject lines to win the hearts of your readers.

Refresh your content

It is advisable to mix things a bit and upload fresh content on a regular basis because no one likes reading dull, boring and old content. Use images, bullet points and interesting headings to create a captivating piece of content. Send newsletters on a frequent basis to keep the readers engaged. However, never send the same newsletter twice because your customers are expecting fresh content from your every time. Make your content as attractive as possible to increase the click through and open rate.

Use HTML version

HTML contains colors and images, which can be used to attract the potential readers. The only advantage of using plain text over HTML version is that it is openable and readable on mobile devices. With HTML, you need to create a responsive template for better readability on Smartphone devices.

Follow the basics of email marketing to reach the target audience in no time.