Myths about Email Marketing

A plethora of email marketers have different notions about emails, which are incorrect and busting these myths is essential. The email marketing industry is continuously evolving and so are the speculations of what works best in this industry.

Some of the myths about the email marketing world are mentioned below.

Myth #1 Morning is the best time to send an email

Many marketers send their email in the morning hours of the day, which according to a survey is the time when the least number of people open their mail accounts. The best time to send promotional email is 12 pm. However, based on the industry you cater, the best time of sending an email can change. Therefore, look for research papers giving information about best timings to send an email to the customers.

Myth #2 Stop sending emails to customers who are inactive for more than 6 months

According to researchers, people who remain active for more than 6 months are more likely to open the emails within a year. This depends upon the audience and the products or services you are offering to the customers. A customer who has recently availed your services will open the email for a few days and it is likely that such a customer goes inactive and become active when the need arises. Therefore, send emails to such customers

Myth #3 Responsive designs are unnecessary

You are actually flushing money into the drain by not utilizing the responsive designs in your email marketing campaign. Your click through rate and open rate are going to increase drastically if you make use of the responsive designs.

Myth #4 Short emails are preferred over long emails

There is no concept of short or long email in email marketing. Both methods are significant and will work under different scenarios. The trick here is not to send a short email to the customer. Instead, it is sending a persuasive presentation. A number of times, a long email is required to send a message across. Customers look for quality content and not the length of the content.

In the end, do not believe everything you hear!!