Myths About Email Marketing

For small scale industries, email marketing is a boon despite the attention being paid to social media by marketers. The high level of returns on the investment makes this marketing platform a prime choice for many business owners. Following the golden rules of email marketing will help you take the business to the next level. And, if you are consistently delivering value to the customers, the marketing statistics will always be high and the sales will definitely increase. Myths about email marketing will help cross all the hurdles, which is holding the business back. Here are a few myths email marketing, which you definitely need to know and understand.


Training the customers is essential

Do not make the mistake of training the customers because your customers are not animals who need training to behave properly. Rather than training the readers to open the messages, give the customers a reason to open the email on their own. Focus on telling the customers an interesting and captivating story as it will help to engage with the subscribers. You can prepare a narrative and send it over a chain of emails so that customers willingly open the emails. Deliver quality content and you will never face issues in the open rate of the messages.

Customers dislike emails

This is the biggest myth surrounding the marketing world. Customers do hate emails, but only those which are irrelevant and meaningless. Many people assume that customers do not prefer receiving too many messages from the businesses. In fact, customers will willingly read the emails if the communication is to the point, relevant and interesting to read. In order to become successful in email marketing, you need to a cultivate relationship with the readers and you can send messages according to your convenience.

Sales do not happen with email marketing

Wowing the customer after sales have occurred will not help you build long term relationship. You need to wow your customers at every step of the marketing campaign only then you can expect sales to happen. Sales is definitely an integral part of email marketing campaign.