Maximizing Mobile Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead as thought by business leaders and many marketing experts. Social media and YouTube videos has undoubtedly captured the attention of marketers and customers, but you will be shocked to know that reading email come only second in line to making phone calls when it comes to mobile. A customer checks emails more frequently than accessing social media. Additionally, the conversion rate offered is nearly two times as compared to the online conversion rates. You need to leverage the effectiveness of mobile to build a loyal customer base. Here are a few ways of maximizing the mobile email marketing.


Layout is essential

Customers have a tendency to delete emails if the mails don’t display on the mobile phone correctly. Making the mobile responsive is not about changing the size or the content, it is about creating and spreading brand awareness. A mobile customer is extremely choosy about reading the emails and a majority of the emails are unread because of poor quality and images. Therefore, it is essential to use images and pictures, which will grab the attention of the customers instantly. In order to build a loyal customer base, you need to use white spaces in abundance and use a single-column layout. The information which is important should always be kept above the scroll because a customer tends to read only important information. Focus and spend time on your layout to attract customers.

Subject line is important

A subject line, which fails to urge the customers to open the email is a complete waste even if the content is super cool and relevant. A short and crisp subject line is liked by the customers and such emails witness the highest open rate. Never put all your eggs in one basket and never reveal the content of email marketing in the subject line as the customers tend to get bored because they already know what lies in the email. Therefore, focus on subject line to build a strong customer base and ensure you attract a lot of customers.

The number of mobile customers is increasing day-by-day, use the platform effectively.