Making Money with Email Marketing is Easy

With the internet becoming easily accessible to the world through smartphones as a majority of the emails is being read on the smartphones. Customers are actually their email everywhere they are travelling. Today, email has become a very big part of everyone’s life. The combination of email marketing and smartphones will help you make money at a faster pace because you directly contact with customers on a personal level. The email stays in the inbox of the customers for as long as the recipient wants and can purchase the service or product at a time of their convenience. Email marketing is transactional by nature and easily result in a high conversion rate, if the marketing campaign is carried out strategically.


Call to action

Whenever an email is received by the customer, instruction on what the recipient needs to do is mentioned. It helps the recipient understand the purpose of the email. If the email is drafted in a haphazard way, then the customer will get confused and the conversions will never occur. A viral type of exponential growth is sure to help the email marketing campaign. A viral campaign happens when a customer who has previously used the services, passes on the information to the friends and family members. A call to action is essential in an email marketing communication because a call to action helps to convert potential prospects into solid sales leads. It is one of the leading ways to generate sales and enhance the marketing activity. One call to action per email is sufficient and it should be placed such that it is easily visible to the reader. A short and succinct CTA is appropriate to send the message across to the customers.


Email is the best medium to deliver the right message to the right segment of the customers. With the marketing list, you can easily segment different customers into different segments and newsletters can be sent based upon their area of interest. Additionally, the customer loses interest if the emails are generic and not according to their requirement.