Lessons to Learn from Amazon’s Email Marketing Campaign

One of the largest e-store in the world is making revenues and there is looking back for this online shopping store, which has made the experience of shopping easier for people across the world. The following lessons from Amazon’s email marketing campaign is going to help you understand the industry further.

1. Keep the format of newsletter consistent

Amazon since its inception of using email marketing has kept the format and the feel of the email consistent. This has actually helped the company retain and make customers loyal to their online shopping portal. Consistent email format builds a sense of trust and loyalty which no one can ever snatch from the company. Therefore, as a company your first lesson is to create and keep the format constant to connect with the clients.

2. Never send discount mails

Amazon has always connected people in a very different way. The company has connected with clients by sending regular newsletters, special offers, or has asked people to leave reviews for the products they have used. The company rarely sends discount email to the customers to promote the online store and this in turn has turned out to be one of the biggest success factors for Amazon. As a company, it is not advisable to discount everything you offer.

3. Keep a single call to action button

Amazon has always kept only one call to action button in all the newsletter it has sent to the customers. The reason is simply not to confuse the customers with multiple action buttons. A single call to action button keeps the email simple and it is loved and acknowledged by the customers.

4. Option to unsubscribe

Even for the unsubscribe option, Amazon has given customers a lot of options. A customer can choose to unsubscribe from one email list and continue to receive newsletters on the topics, which they are actually interested in. This option is useful both for Amazon and the customer. Therefore, you can also try to give a list of un-subscription options so that you do not lose out on loyal customers.