Learning Vs Selling- The Two Sides of the Same Coin

As an email marketer, it is extremely important to understand when to sell and when to learn more about the target customers. A balance between learning and selling creates a successful email marketing campaign. A plethora of email marketers are under an impression that the only barrier lying between their product and sales is customer acquisition, and once the customer acquisition is done the sales are bound to shoot up. However, once the campaign begins, this deal is as good as sealed because they have a completely wrong perception about the working of email marketing. Learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others is a way to progress in any sort of business. Therefore, learning about the customer requirement is the first step before selling the product to the customer.


Why is learning important than selling?

Learning and selling are both an integral part of any email marketing campaign, and the marketing campaign fail even if one is absent. Your campaign is going to fail, if selling is put before learning. Imagine a customer, who has recently joined the mailing list, triggering emails urging the customer to make a purchase is a wrong marketing strategy. When a customer has joined, they have an expectation of receiving content which is relevant. You need to win the trust before you send sales-oriented newsletters. Therefore, instead of starting the customer’s journey with a sales-oriented email, send a welcome letter and ask about their requirement and expectation from your business. Personalization in this form of marketing has always worked and has helped create a loyal customer base.

Lessons to learn

You need to understand that not all customers are going to positively reply to the problems and expectations you have asked in the welcome mail. You need to be wary about the false feedbacks and it should not act a set-back to the marketing campaign. Additionally, do not simply start optimizing each and everything. Understand the mindset of the readers and accordingly take action.

Always remember that building relationship with the customers will lead to sign up in the future and you will have a customer for a lifetime.