Keys to Crafting Personalized Emails

Well-crafted email marketing messages with a pinch of personal touch can easily melt your subscribers in no time. Personalized messages boost the click-through rate by almost 6 times and are received well by the target audience. A well-crafted email marketing campaign will easily prompt a response or at least a click-through. The user experience will enhance and your brand will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the readers. Today, marketers worldwide prefers personalization over generic emails because it offers tremendous benefits to the marketers as well as the customers.


Work on Salutations

Salutations play an important role in deciding whether the reader will continue to read the email message or not. ‘Dear XYZ’ sounds too formal, ‘Hey XYZ’ is too informal. What is the right tone to be used in the salutation?  Both ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ is acceptable as they are neither too formal nor too stuffy. Many marketers feel that simply starting with a name is the leading way to start a message, however, for many marketers using a name in the first communication is unprofessional. Try different salutations to see which are working for the email marketing campaign.

Use a real name

When a customer receives messages from a ‘No-reply’ email address, it turns them cold because it feels as if the message is coming from a machine rather than a flourished business. If you do not want to send personalized email messages from a particular email message, at least use your brand name in the email address. Most recipients want an assurance that the email is sent from a legitimate source. Sending messages from a fake email address or noreply email address are not liked by the readers. Try sending messages from a personal email address.

Tone should be proper

Wrong message tone can be off-putting and does not go with the tone of the email message. Keep the tone light and conversational, yet professional to ensure readers are attracting. Keep the communication short, to further engage the readers.

Personalization is the key when it comes to email marketing, use the technique effectively.