Is your Email Marketing Producing the Desired ROI?

Email marketing is delivering for more than 60% marketers across the world. Moreover, a majority of the marketers believes that measuring the ROI of email address is the simplest among all the marketing tactics. If you are still thinking whether to use the email marketing for attracting customers, you are probably never going to achieve the desired results. Email marketing is not dead and it only requires you to send captivating newsletters to the intended customers.


Email is essential

Email marketing provides you with a direct contact with the customers and gives you the leverage to convert every prospective client to long term customers and increase the sales. The marketing is extremely cost-effective and if you see do some calculation, you will realize that this mode of marketing pays for itself. You do not have to pay extra and it will not burn a hole in your pocket. The whole email world today works on the fundamental of sending and exchanging useful information with the customers. Time is precious for everyone and if you keep sending only newsletters containing sales pitch it becomes really difficult to attract customers. Therefore, if you want to build an authentic mailing list, then get the mailing basic correct. Until or unless the basics are not correct, attracting and increasing the sales will become a big problem. There is no doubt that the email is extremely essential and you can leverage it effectively to build and attract long term customers.

 Do you know the pillars of email marketing?

Delivering & automation, creation & design and connection & integration are the main pillars of email marketing. If you get these pillars standing tall and erect, the ROI of the campaign is bound to increase and you will witness marketing results, which you have never seen earlier. Integration of the email marketing campaign with the social media will give you the benefits of both the platforms and you can connect at a personal level with all the customers.

Never get tired of testing new things in email marketing because you never know which one will reap benefits in terms of higher ROI.