Increasing your Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing is the only channel which is 100 percent yours and work according to your instructions. You have complete control of your messages, you can send to people who are really interested and eliminate readers who are not active. Email marketing provides a high ROI at an affordable cost. Marketers today strive for high ROI because it helps in increasing the effectiveness and build long term relationship with the readers. Here are a few effective ways of increasing your email marketing ROI.


Optimize messages for mobile

Today, more than half of the emails across the world are opened on a mobile device. The percentage is expected to grow even in 2016 and become one of the most effective platforms for sending the messages across to the target readers. If you are still not optimizing the messages for a mobile device, customers are more likely to delete and unsubscribe. Messages that do not display well on a mobile device are not received well by the readers. Focus on optimizing every email message for mobile, if you want to increase the return on investment.

Ask opinions of your subscribers

Surveying your customers once in a while is a great way to understand their requirements so that you can fulfill it and entice the readers. Through the survey you will understand how often your subscribers want to receive email communication and why they are not reading your emails on a regular basis. Based on the result obtained from surveys, create your email marketing campaign, send content and messages according to the preferences of your readers. Never stop testing as you never know which subject line, content or message may become popular among the readers.

Personalization is essential

Today, personalization is an expectation of your customer base and if a customer interacts with your brand, they are probably looking for a unique experience specially tailored for their needs. Segment the email marketing list and send personalized messages based upon their purchase history.

No email marketing campaign will ever become successful if the ROI of your campaign is low. Focus on increasing the ROI and you can engage readers.