Increasing Your Email Marketing Impact

Email marketing is used widely because it can cater to a large audience base and help in building personal relationship with the readers. It generates instant results and customers can contact immediately with their queries and questions. If you’re experiencing a low rate and click-through rate, it’s time to reevaluate your email marketing campaign. Excessive unsubscribe rates and spam complaints can permanently close down your online business. Here are a few ways to increase the impact of your email marketing, if you see a decline in the email responsiveness.

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Know your customers

If the customers are unable to connect with your content, you need to reassess your marketing efforts. Sending one mass email message to every customer will no longer work. Today, the market is being captured by personalization and readers prefer receiving messages, which are personal and catered towards their interest. You can track the customer’s behavior and based upon their purchase, send newsletters. Additionally, you can segment the readers and send test email messages to see what generates maximum response. Focus on delivering value to capture the attention of the readers.

Frequency of messages

Undoubtedly, customers prefer communicating via email than the traditional forms of marketing, bombarding the customers will irrelevant messages is not acceptable. While a majority of the readers prefer receiving promotional emails on a monthly basis, a certain class of people prefer to receive daily messages. Therefore, conduct a research to understand the frequency of messages your readers are expecting. In the signup form, ask the customers about the number of messages they want to receive every week. Based on the response, you can send messages to the readers. Keep a track on the metrics before firing too many messages.

Failing to hit the mark

The second biggest reason why readers unsubscribe from the mailing list is because of irrelevant and meaningful content. You need to ensure that you stay in the top of mind of the customers because on an average customer receives more than 100 emails per day. Show the customers what your brand is all about instead of just selling your products and services.

Email marketing campaign will definitely help you reach the target audience.