Increasing the effectiveness of Email Marketing Lifecycle

Lifecycle of a customer has various ups and downs and is segmented into different phases and different activities. Before a customer converts, they are completely unaware about your products and offering. And, as a marketer, you need to increase the effectiveness of the email marketing by telling the informing the prospects about your brand, product and company. Moreover, you need to build trust among the audience for positive email marketing results. Here are a few ways of increasing the performance of your email marketing campaign.

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Make your offerings visible

According to a study, a customer needs to hear about your products at least seven times before making a purchase. The more your product is visible, the higher it will capture the attention of the target audience. Today, customers search for lucrative deal and if they shift to a competitors brand without even thinking once. Therefore, focus on sending messages regularly and remember to offer some lucrative deals to the readers to grab their attention. However, always send mails according to a particular stage a customer is in. When you send emails according to the lifecycle of the customer, you can expect satisfied and happy customers.

Adopting a lifecycle marketing strategy

Lifecycle email marketing strategy undoubtedly results in nine times higher result, but still many marketers ignore this strategy because of the additional work required to make this one-to-one strategy successful. A plethora of marketers are confused about where to begin and end the lifecycle marketing strategy. You may have some extra work, but in the end, when you see the marketing results, your efforts will never go in vain.

Don’t over segment the marketing list

Before experimenting, never over segment the marketing as it can backfire. It’s always beneficial to take a decision based upon statistics and you should allow the data to take control of the marketing campaign. Based on the experiment’s result, you can choose where to focus on and segment the mailing list accordingly.

It is advisable to start with a simple email marketing strategy, get results and refine your strategies with time.