Increasing ROI of the Email Marketing Campaign

Marketers today run around with spreadsheets and reporting tools, trying to make a marketing strategy that works best and delivers the highest return on investment. Optimists believe that email marketing will continue to grow in the future and will never become redundant like some social media platforms. As email marketing grows, the ROI will grow, making email the best platform for marketers to send their message across. You will be shocked to know that email marketing has surpassed the ROI obtained from organic search results. But, still there lies a scope for improvement and you can easily maximize the ROI in the following ways.


Be wise when personalizing messages

Personalization is definitely the way, but how personalized should the email message be? Today, leads are not engaged by sending messages containing their name in the first or second line. You need to send as personalized messages as you possible. Analyze the purchase history, click behavior and preferences before personalizing the email communication. You can use A/B testing to carry out different combinations of email messages that can be sent. The more spot on you are with the interests and likes of the readers, the higher will be your ROI. Next time, before personalizing an email communication, think twice.

Evolve with Technology

Had Nokia phones evolved with Android technology, they would have still remained the market leader, but we all are aware as to what happened to Nokia. Email marketing started with copying the same text message to every customer, but today the technology has changed and people prefer receiving emails with animated GIFs and video. You need to change with the evolution of technology to stay at par with competition in email marketing. Your email marketing campaign will never yield the desired results if your competitors are sending interesting messages embedded with GIFs and you are stuck with the same old boring templates. Provide value to the readers by avoiding jargons and you will definitely see a surge in the ROI.

You need to work hard if you want to see the ROI of your email marketing campaign rise.