Improving your Event Email Marketing

Do you feel that every time you decide to send a message to the customer, you are putting the same type of message again and again? Undoubtedly, customers like predictability and consistency, but sending the same content in every communication can be extremely irritating. Marketers do run out of ideas when it comes to email marketing, but getting stuck and irritating the readers with similar messages is definitely not the solution.  Here are a few ways to improve the email marketing campaign and ensure customers are engaged for a long period of time.


Multiple emails

When sending event related emails, never stop by sending a single email because according to a research, customers respond to an event related emails spread over multiple emails.  This is logical because as the progress of the event unfolds, you will have new and interesting content to share with the prospects. If you have a new speaker or a celebrity turning up for your event, remember to highlight it in a different email to attract the attention of the readers. Important information pertaining to the event should be shared differently and in a creative way because only then customers will agree to attend the event. Make exciting email announcements over a period of time to keep the prospects engaged and waiting.

Presenting your speaker to the readers

Sending the same old dull messages about the speaker of the event will not do any good. Instead, present a blurb about the speaker with their picture and a small bio. Many a times customers know a speaker by their face and the name may not create an enthusiasm to attend the upcoming event. If you want your email marketing campaign to become successful, conduct a short interview of the guest speaker and send it across to the audience and see the ripples it creates. You can even share a small blog post about the guest speaker and unleash the customer’s expectations. Try out different, yet elegant ways of introducing the speaker to the target audience.

Do everything you can to increase the attendance of the event and use email marketing for achieving your goals.